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Many people thought it is difficult to learn Mandarin Chinese. It is not true! It takes time and efforts to be able to speak the language fluently, but what doesn’t take efforts to be successful? In our opinion, Chinese is one of the most interesting languages in the world to learn! Chinese is a pictographic language, which means ancient Chinese people drew different pictures as Chinese characters out of everything they saw in the environment! Therefore, the best way to learn well the language, in our many years of experience as Chinese teachers, is to learn the radicals of the characters first, which by themselves usually have hints from the writing (or drawing) and then form the characters. This is exactly the same approach that has been used in the our Chinese tutoring video lessons,  check them out if you want to learn more about Mandarin Chinese, one of the most popular, mysterious and ancient languages in the world!

According to Zhonghua Zihai (pinyin: Zhōnghuá Zìhǎi), the largest Chinese character dictionary, there are more than 85,000 Chinese characters! However, research (Huang 1994 and Da 2004) shows that the most frequently used 1200 Chinese Characters account for about 90% of the characters occurring in the real world. Therefore, this is exactly the number of characters needed for a learner to reach intermediate level, which is also the level to be able to communicate effectively, or in other words, to be able to carry on a daily conversation in Chinese for average Chinese learners or to be able to do business in Chinese for business people. Our mission is help you reach this goal in a more effectively and less frustrated way!

See the 1200 Most Frequently Used Chinese Characters List PLEASE CLICK HERE.


The approach we use to make you be confident and fluent in speaking Mandarin Chinese is very simple, yet at the same time is scientific and effective. Unlike other online Chinese teaching services, we don’t have too much information to cram you up. On the contrary we provide only one straight-line course for you to study in sequential numbers. So you won’t be confused at too much resources but only to learn little. We integrated sound + characters + vocabulary building + grammar + conversation + practice in one straight-line course in an experience-oriented and reasonable sequence labeled by numbers.  That is to say, all you need to do is follow the number and move on step by step. Go back to previous number when you get stuck while move forward to next one when you are familiar with the current tutoring video lesson. Moreover, we’re proudly to provide One-on-One Tutoring Service with only the fraction of the tuition fee that you might pay to other language schools. Our experienced native-speaking and PhD-degree Chinese teachers will offer an highly effective private tutoring to help you be fluent and confident in Mandarin Chinese!


There are two factors in our teaching approach to make the learning of Mandarin Chinese more effective and interesting. First, we teach the most used words from the 1200 Most Frequently Used Chinese Characters List to make sure the learners don’t waste time on lesser used words since there are more than  85,000 Chinese characters out there! Second, we help building learners’ vocabulary by adapting the radical-teaching approach, in which we introduce different parts(radicals) of a character to help the understanding as well as memorizing. As mentioned above, Chinese is one of the most interesting languages in the world because Chinese is a pictographic language, therefore we also draw pictures to teach just like the ancient Chinese people did to help our students to learn in the most authentic way!


Here are some of our popular Chinese tutoring video lessons:

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Chinese is one of the most interesting languages in the world, if otherwise people thought it is one of the hardest…

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